Rainy Day Poem (2016)

08 Jan 2018

Rainy days in suburbia are dull and depressing,

but in New York City they are calm and beautiful.

The City itself shines so bright that on sunny days,

the compounding effect verges on manic.


Rain, not just April showers but the





gets into the best-made plans and

best-shopped shoes of New Yorkers

forcing pedestrians and subway-goers alike to




curse at the sky,

and come to terms with their own soggy mortality.

There is a unified serenity in the defeat of perfection.


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Post-Barbeque Blues

05 May 2015

Post-Barbeque Blues

NOW the daffodil is beheaded

    and floating in her vase;

MAY has sunk into our bones.

    tortilla chips &

        beer &

        burnt sausages

fight with strawberry ice-cream

    on red Solo cups.

a restlessness halfway between

    play & EXHAUSTION:

        our skin is hot, but

        now the air is cold.

the little girl will go home

    & refuse her dinner

        just as surely as WE

        are HOPELESS to do anything but

            crawl into the sheets sun-drunk /

            on soccer-sweat;

listen to tapes of Jack Kerouac

    spin tales of desolation angels

                subterranean blues


                & wine.

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