hackNY 2012 demofest

31 Jul 2012

phew! it’s been a crazy, epic, sleepless week in the City. I can’t believe that my summer internship is over and I’m no longer living with all the hackNY fellows. I just got back to the ‘burbs yesterday and already I miss the energy. I miss working, and I miss my friends. NYC has made me a city girl through and through. And even though I know I have much left to learn, the thought of going back to school makes me feel uncomfortable. I like being a working woman. I like being part of a team, and I like getting stuff done.

Anyway, enough nostalgia: here’s a video of the hackNY 2012 Demofest if you missed it live! My work begins at around 37:00. Definitely needed more rehearsal but  I hope you enjoy!

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Hello, World!

15 Jul 2012

Hello, World!
Welcome to my new blog! Sitting in a cafe near Union Square & sipping on some iced coconut chai, I figure now is a good time as ever to start posting. Life is good.

Why blog?
This blog was partly inspired by my short-term mentor this summer, Cathy O’Neil, who has a brilliant and witty blog at Mathbabe.org. I have always considered myself a writer at heart (and by that I do not mean a good writer, or even a prolific one; just someone who expresses themselves best via the written word), but as a Computer Scientist in training do not find myself writing as often as I’d like to. For a few years now, I’ve maintained my food blog, Mon Petit Chou, but other topics (rants & raves, tech stuff, opinion pieces) didn’t seem to fit in quite well there.

A little bit about me:
Hello, my name is Sophie. I am a Computer Science major (and hopefully Philosophy minor) at Columbia University’s Engineering School. This summer, I am a hackNY fellows working as a Software Engineer at Intent Media. Am a bit of a feminist, love to read (although have not read as much since I started working), been dancing since I was a little girl, although not professionally/intensly. What else… foodie, cat lover, writer (of course). That’s about it.

Oh, by the way, please leave COMMENTS! They’re the best part about writing.

Now, for a little bit of nerdspeak:
For you hackers out there, this blog is indeed run on WordPress. Now, WordPress is a bit of a hacker’s nightmare: php and annoying UI’s all over the place. Since my food blog is run on WordPress, and I knew the faults, I considered creating a static blog using Jekyll (perhaps Octopress or Jekyll-Bootstrap), which are both great because it meant blogging would fit right into my work flow: simply git add, commit, and push, and voila, new post! I’d never have to leave the terminal. However, after tinkering around with it for a while, I realized that, fun as it was, it simply wasn’t practical at this time: basically, I wouldn’t be able to blog from the remote, and the conviniences of using a pre-packaged software simply outweighted the benefits in the end.

However, do not despair: in the spirit of all things hacky, even though I did sucumb to WordPress, this blog is actually hosted (for free!) on Heroku, yay! Checkout this awesome repo by mhoofman on Github (https://github.com/mhoofman/wordpress-heroku). It comes with PostgreSQL for WordPress pre-installed in order to run on Heroku’s Postgres backend, and is easy-peasy as pie to setup.

À bientôt!


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