zero is the new six

28 Oct 2013

American Apparel, that hipster clothing/disco neon hotpants empire, has always been of dubious moral grounds. Despite its loud proclamations of “made in America”, the company is in fact run by a Canadian charged of sexual harassment lawsuits at least five times in the last decade. Not to mention the softcore-porn style ads, that is, only when the model is female. Even if all of this weren’t true, when’s the last time you need a gold metallic pleather thong leotard for upwards of fifty dollars? (Please don’t answer that.)

The store is, however, very convenient for basic cuts in solid colors (v-necks, A-line skirts, etc.), which is why I stopped by one this weekend, to hopefully find a white crop-top at an okay price. The answer unsurprisingly turned out to be no.

In a moment of desperation, I flipped through the childrens’ tees to hopefully find a size large or extra large. (Don’t even ask why a company that features topless women in their ads makes childrens’ clothing; there is a time and a place for sexuality and it shouldn’t be at a store frequented by preteens and young children).

Lo and behold, I made the discovery that a women’s extra small crop top at American apparel is equivalent in size to a child’s size six tshirt. That’s six years old! Sure, some liberties might be taken for the cropping part, but basically American Apparel expects that a small woman should have the same chest girth as a kindergartener.

I’m a pretty petite person, but I’m not sure on what nation or even planet you might expect women to be the size of a tiny six-year old. That’s some f-ed up idea of body image.

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