Tuesday 1st January 2013

by sophie

Congrats! we made it. despite threats of superstorms, presidential elections and a mayan apocalpyse, here we are, for the most part whole, stumbling headaches and all into the year 2013.

I will be the first to admit that I love making lists: to-do lists, to-don’t lists, shopping lists, restaurant lists, playlists… but to be perfectly honest, most of the time I get a whole lot more out of writing lists than following them. In fact, oftentimes I will spend a good deal of time thoughtfully assembling bullet points, only to never even glance at them again.

therefore, the practicality of New Year’s Resolutions remains doubtful. Let’s be frank: I have no idea what I decided to promise my self last year, and even less idea of whether I achieved it or not. And it was still a pretty freaking good year anyway, and one i feel was absolutely essential in the development of self and character.

anyway, like i said, i really do enjoy making lists, so why the heck not. so without further ado, some resolutions, in no particular order, and varying degrees of importance:

1. This one’s really important, and is a general goal I’d like to make the theme of 2013/life: to keep an open mind. Computer Science has taught me really wonderful life skills (patience, making REALLY CLEAR AND EXPLICIT ALGORITHMIC INSTRUCTIONS SERIOUSLY when telling someone what to do, creativity, etc.) but unfortunately it has also somewhat increased my already present tendency to view things as binary. I’m somewhat hot-headed and a whole lotta stubborn, so it’s very, very easy for me to jump to binary (GOOD || BAD) conclusions about things right off the bat, when in reality, this can be a silly, not to mention dangerous, practice. And if 2013′s taught me anything at all, people (and life) are constantly full of surprises.

2. Have better study habits, seriously. OK so I know this one is really run-of-the-mill and y’all are yawning but as I always tell myself if only, only I stopped shopping online in all my lectures for the first 5 weeks of the semester this would save me a LOT of panic later.

3. Stop pulling up my jeans by the pockets because the pockets start ripping and yes I know this is a random-ass resolution BUT it is important and hey it fulfills the characteristic of a well-formed resolution being both succinct and specific.

4. In contrast to the previous, try to live life with more focus on the present space and dimension. I have a mind that feasts on large, abstract concepts and likewise has a tendency to fixate on abstract worries and puzzles. there are some issues that simply cannot be resolved within the current brainspace and timespace– and i have to learn to be comfortable with that. Not every worry and problem has a closed-form solution and I need to get that through my stubborn head and focus on matters at hand.

5. And a light(er) positive one to finish off: continue to be involved with performance groups at school! Seriously, it brings much needed perspective to schoolwork and a different sense of accomplishment.

6. Just kidding, one more: Yoga! Yoga really, really does me well.

7. Oops, really, really just one more: make a conscious effort to stop being flaky. I used to get so annoyed about people not living up to their plans– that was, until I became so busy this semester I started missing social obligations left and right. Yes, I will always have code to write, and sometimes that code is really important, but no one likes being stood up for a last minute NLP assignment 3 days past its due date. (If you are one of the many people this happened to this semester I am really sorry but sometimes code gets really needy and i promise i value our time.)

What are your New Year’s Resolutions (if you believe in resolutions, otherwise what would be your pretend resolutions if you are already perfect etc.) ?

*Oh wait, I just found last year’s resolutions! now this is entertaining… (Although it does seem like I made good headway on a very important one– to stop calling myself “stupid” when problems get tough–a bad habit I found to be very counterproductive, and for the most part, untrue.)

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